In the first of our breeder profile segments, we get to chat with our friends, Ben and Jemma Lambert over at Diamond Constrictors, who give us a taste of whats to come and whats been going on at their facility.

Q. Hi Guys! So, Tell us, How did you get into the hobby and begin your breeding programmes?

A. Both myself and my wife have always had a fascination with reptiles from an early age. We started in royal breeding with just 2 snakes as pets A male black pastel het hypo and a female het pied. Not the first 2 snakes you would buy if you wanted to start a breeding project. But we

Q. What would be your favorite project in your collection at the moment?

A. Wow that's a difficult question. I would have to say the most intresting for me would be the mahogany project. Mahogany is gene we have worked with for a while now, mahogany is still not as widely available as most other base morphs. However the potential for me is immense. We have always tryed to work with the less common genes. This way we are not just doing the same things everyone is doing. Pictured is our home bred butter mahogany with our mahogany yb female.

Q. Stunning Mahogany combos there! Would you say either of those where your most interesting royal in terms of breeding potential this coming year?

A. Surprisingly no! Our most interesting single snake is a "normal" (pic right) we produced from a black pastel x normal pairing a good few years ago. She is so so bright. Pic really doesn't show how bright she is. She has a clear belly and is pictured next to a "normal normal." We will be having a dink with her this season to see what comes of her!

Q. Considering the investments of both time and money you have made within the hobby, what are your thoughts on the current status of the hobby and the market?

A. Well a topic of much discussion recently. My views are quite simple. People who buy 2 very common base morphs as hatchlings thinking they will make a million pounds are sadly mistaken. Prices have fallen but in my mind it's not about a so called market crash. Just simple supply and demand. They are so many more people breeding now so more are being produced and therefore supply out ways demand. The key for me is working with less common genes. And striving to produce something both different and more importantly what you really like and want to keep for yourself. I see many many new people entering the hobby, so the market is certainly not dead. Prices fall as supply increases and the demand for that particular morphs falls. My view is think outside the box with your pairings and work with the morphs you really enjoy and like yourself. I personally don't care if I make any money from the hobby. It is just that a hobby. Yes we have made money from breeding. But we have certainly spent out more than we have had back!

Q. If money was no object, and you were allowed to pick any one morph to add to your collection, what would it be and why?

A. Sunset. It's recessive and looks stunning in its own right, also I believe it would work so well in combos with a lot of our collection.

(photo via WOBP)

Q. What are your plans for future breedings?

A. The single most exciting project for me is a secret at the minute, but the first step is getting caramel into mahogany visually. Luckily we produced a female mahogany that is 100% het for caramel. I believe the only one in the world. Let's hope we can hit on a visual caramel mahogany first. We also have some cool ghi based projects. Including red stripe, hypo, fire. Pastel and mahogany. So many many cool combos this season I hope!

Q. Thank you for the insight into DC guys! Hopefully we can help along the way with your breeding programmes with our racking!

A. We use visions v70 tubs exclusively for our adults. And I have yet to find a fault with them. They are perfect tubs. We wouldn't use anything else now!

Thank you to Ben and Jemma for giving us a little look into their breeding season and plans. If you would like to see more of the GREAT little hatchlings DC have for sale, or even if you'd just like to add them.. please click the attatched link below to go directly to their Facebook Breeder Profile.