In the second of our breeder profile segments, Mick Smyth talks us through some of the projects going on at Royal Reptiles. From the Bamboo project to many others, Royal Reptiles have a great collection, a depth of knowledge and some really exciting developments!

Q. Hi Mick! So, what got you started in the hobby and how did you go about begining your breeding programmes?

A. We've been reptile keepers of various species of lizards and snakes for over 20 yrs now. But only really had royals over the last few. The reason we started breeding is we decided we wanted to create some of these new morphs we were purchasing and poss hit some world firsts along the way. Watch this space...

Q. What do you class as the most interesting royal in your collection and why?


The most interesting at the min has to be our little mystery boy from the lemon pastel x banana pairing just for the fact we don't know how he got there lol. Some think super pastel and some superfly. She was a small virgin snake when we got her so it just don't make any sense lol. (pics)

Q. Whats really making you excited at the moment? Is there anything your working on that really has you excited for what may come of it?

A. Our most exciting project at the moment has to be bamboo there is so much potential with this gene were really looking forward to getting it moving into lots of other genes! (large pic below)

Q. How are you feeling the Hobby is going currently, along with the market?

A. There's certain people out there that are out to destroy this great hobby by importing and selling cheap and there are others that will buy snakes thinking they will become instant millionaires. Once people stop buying the imported snakes from the "flippers" they will stop if there's no money to be made. I see more and more people selling up when they realise supply on the base genes is much higher than demand. It will steady itself out.

Q. what one morph would you add to your collection if money was no object and why?

A. I'm hoping we can get involved in the odium gene over the next couple of years that is another gene that I think holds plenty of potential. Obviously being a gene from Kevin Mccurley makes it all the better. (odium combo pic via NERD)

Q. what projects do you aspire to over the coming seasons, assuming the odds gods are kind?

A. We have a project or two in the pipeline at the moment but these are top secret at the min will hopefully have some hatchlings to show next season. So yet again watch this space lol

Q. Do you use vision racks at all, if so what is your thoughts on them?

A. At the moment all our racking is homemade but we will be looking to upgrade when we have the spare cash. We would definately go for Vision, so when we do upgrade we will certainly hit u guys up to see if we can strike a deal lol.

Thank you to Mick for giving us a little look into their breeding season and plans. If you would like to see more of the GREAT little hatchlings Royal Reptiles have for sale, or even if you'd just like to add them.. please click the attatched link below to go directly to their Facebook Breeder Profile.