Racks4Reptiles is the UK and European distributor of Vision Racking and Tub Products!

Vision Racking

Why Choose Vision Racks?

The answer is simple really, Its the Best Rack at the Best Price!

With Vision Products announcing the "Best Rack Guarantee", You can't go wrong with the purchase of a Vision Versa Rack. From Hatchling Racks to 6' Cages and larger, Vision are the BEST caging solution on the market today!

What Size Reptiles Do They Cater For?

Vision Produce a variety of tub sizes in order to cater for animals of varying size. The v70 tub racks are an excellent size to hold full grown royal pythons, with the means to provide them with correct temperatures and humidity levels at all times.

The step down in size takes you to the v35 tubs, at a half of the size of the v70, these tubs cater for grown on animals that are not yet ready for the step to such a large container. They are also used by many gecko keepers as an alternative to vivariums.

Hatchling tubs are available in both v15 and v18 sizes, both of which are great for rearing from fresh hatch to well established youngsters.

Please see below for the full size description of each tub. Remember, we also sell the tubs seperately for use in eitherhome-made racks or as replacements in a current vision racking system.


As a stockist of Vision products, we carry a selection of the most popular Tub and Rack sizes. We are however, able to bring ANY vision product into the UK upon customer request. Please email us if you dont find the item you are looking for.

Tub Sizes

Below is a list of all available tubs and their sizes. Each Tub fits the appropriate rack brilliantly and racks can be set out to hold a number of different tub sizes at once, to the requirements of each keeper. We stock a wide range of the tubs on site, but certain tub sizes are only available to order with a small deposit.


Model V15 Tubs - 18" x 5" x 3.5"

Model V18 Tubs - 18" x 7.5" x 3.5" 

Model V35-S Tubs - 20" x 15"  x 3.5" 

Model V35 Tubs - 20" x 15" x 5.3" 

Model V70 Tubs - 34" 17.5" x 5.3" 

Is the level of quality matched by the level of service?

Yes! Our stocks are kept within the uk and so when you order, there will be no long shipping wait. We aim to have items to buyers within a week but due to being delivered via courier, this has to be arranged to suit with your needs. Delivery to Uk shows is also offered, and if it is a show that we would already be attending in order to display, Delivery is absolutely FREE! Charges on courier Delivery can vary greatly, please contact us if you would like an up to date quote.

I need help setting my Racks up.. What can you do for me?

Once Racks 4 Reptiles is established in the UK we will have the option for a Delivery and Set Up service. Not only will we deliver direct to your door, we will also fully assemble your racks for you! Please note, this service will not be offered within continental Europe and will be chargable. 

Each Vision rack Purchased from Racks 4 Reptiles will come supplied with a full instructional kit including a paper how to and a DVD instructional video. Its never been easier to set up such a well designed, built for purpose rack before! no screws, bolts or specialised tools. Just a simple yet functional rack built from flat pack in a matter of minutes rather than hours! This function, along with the added wheels, allows for easy moving from room to room or place to place. Check out the quick RACK ASSEMBLY VIDEO

Payment Details

Cleared payment is required in full before the release of any Vision racking product. We are however able to offer the option of a payment plan scheme over periods of 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Please contact us for details regarding these schemes.


Please note: 

All of our available Vision racks utalise heat cable and thermostats in order to keep conditions optimal for your reptiles. The relivant number of heat cables are included with your purchase of a full rack. Thermostats are not included,We can provide Thermostats and can offer discounts and package deals when bought alongside a rack.

Please ask for details.

For more info on our Vision racks or payment options please message us on facebook.