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- Ideal for a natural or bioactive vivarium or terrarium display
- Creates natural cover for arboreal and terrestrial species
- Suitable for Jungle, Rainforest and Forest environments
- 5-6cm pot size, 16-22cm height 




Large Leaf Fig Trees are a selection of 6 assorted plants, ranging in colour from green to variegated with pinks and reds . 

The Large Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus) is a vertical plant with a tree like stem and large stronger leaves which will ultimately become a small tree.  
With a steady growth rate the Large Leaf Fig Trees will provide cover and climbing surfaces for arboreal and terrestrial species. 
The plants can be placed in an enclosure within their existing pot or can be planted. 

Ideal for a bioactive set up, when used in conjunction with HabiStat Jungle Bio and Amazon Clay Balls. 

Position an Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Light above these plants they will thrive. 
Please note plant types may vary from those shown. 

Environment: Rainforest, Forest and Jungle  

Plant Care  
Watering: These plants like be watered just right. Once the top 1-2" of soil is dry the plant needs watering. Do not over water. If the leaves start to go yellow the plant either has too much water or not enough, check the soil to identify the issue. 
Humidity:  Likes high humidity. Mist leaves daily or use a humidifier.  
Temperature: 21-30°c  
Lighting: Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar. Likes bright, indirect light, can tolerate some direct sunlight but too much can scorch the leaves.



Live Plants, Fig Trees, Large Leaf, 6 Plants

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