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Along with our award winning pet shop, we also offer a wide range of service. from animal boarding to custom events packages, check out what we have to offer below.


Image by Chris Abney
Rack 4 Reptiles - Birthday Parties.jpeg
Image by Chris Abney

Birthday Parties

Looking for a birthday to be one to remember? or have an event you want to celebrate a bit differently?

why not book our exotic petting zoo? 

We can bring along a great selection of interactive exotic animals including snakes, lizards, tortoise or even our bug box!

We can also incorporate animal games and competitions. 

Fill out our form for a quote today!

Birthday Parties

Pet Boarding

looking to book a holiday or trip away?
no one to look after your pet?
In store/home animal boarding is now available.
From £6.50 per night, we will look after your animals while you are away. we have a dedicated boarding area where we have various enclosures to suit most reptile, amphibian and arachnid needs. 
why not book your pet in with us for your next trip away.

Rack 4 Reptiles - Pet Boarding.jpg
Pet Boarding
Image by Kyle Cleveland

Home Visits

From large collections to help setting up enclosures. We can help. 

If you need a home consultation before getting your new pet or need help making some changes, we can come to you and help you get on the right track for keeping your pet healthy and happy.

We also offer home visits for large collections. this could be multiple racks/enclosures that need cleaned, fed and water changes. This may also cover a range of different species of animals.

Both these services will be subject to location, so please get in touch to find out more.

Home Visits
Image by Mandy Choi

Business Events

Let's BOOST your business with some serious guerilla marketing! how about a 12ft snake for your customers to have their photo taken with? or a scorpion display for your next big launch? if you want to give your customers a show stopping experience, we got you covered. 

All of our Business events are tailor made to suit your business needs. As always, an expert handler will be with the animals throughout the experience to help encourage engagement and keep both the animals and customers safe. For pricing, get in touch using the below link and let's discuss what type of event you are looking for.

business event.jpeg
Buisness Event

Photography/Videography Hire

Looking for something exciting for your next photo shoot? or possibly some eye catching animals for your next video?

We have a great selection of animals available for hire. All bookings are attended by professional handlers that can provide any help needed on the day. we can also coach your models/actors through the process. We have worked with artists such as Callum Beatie on photo shoots and Craig Eddie as seen in his music video STRIVE

pricing starts at £130 per hr for up to 3 animals. for custom packages, please get in touch.

Animals available

  • Burmese python

  • boa constrictor

  • various colubrids

  • bal pythons

  • tarantulas

  • scorpions

  • tortoise

  • Red Tegu

  • geckos

  • and more..

Photography/Videography Hire


Our experience event covers a range of exotic animals, from giant snakes and lizards, to frogs and arachnids. We even have newly hatched baby animals of different species.


With this event, you can learn about a wide range of reptiles, arachnids and amphibians, get up close and handle some amazing exotic animals and even have a go at feeding them if you are brave enough.


This is a 1hr event, Pricing is set at £79.99 and includes up to 6 people per event. Additional Participants can be added for £10pp.


Get in touch to book your slot now. Event gift certificates can also be purchased.

Racks 4 Reptils Exotic Experience
t course.jpeg
t course.jpeg

Group Educatioal talks

Schools, clubs and groups can now book our educational sessions. We can cover a selection of animals. A great experience for school trips, hobby clubs and many other groups.


We can custom build the event to your needs. For younger groups, we can even incorporate some games to keep kids focused. as always, there is plenty opportunity for reptile handling.


This is a 1hr event, Pricing from £100 with a maximum of 16 people per event. for additional time, please contact us directly before booking. Teachers and carers are not counted as particapants and will be provided with seating.


Get in touch to book your slot now!

Rack 4 Reptiles - Apex Events.jpg

1 2 1 Sessions


This session is perfect for people looking for a complete walk through on how to take care of pet reptiles. We can go over enclosures, feeding and handling. You can also book this session just for 1 on 1 classes handling our reptiles. This is the perfect session for people with additional needs or people who find it stressfull in group sessions. We can customise each session to suit your needs. If you want in depth care information of more difficult species, or even just want to play with some tortoise. We can hep. 

Rack 4 Reptiles - Apex Events.jpg
Image by David Clode

Reptile Behaviour lesson

At Racks 4 Reptiles, We train our team every week on various aspects of reptile keeping. One of the more common tasks involve safe handling and reading the body language of our animals to avoid negative interactions. As we have had great success with our in house training programmes, we have decided to offer this opportunity to the reptile community. here are just a few of the topics we will cover in our 1hr reptile behaviour and handling lessons. 

Learn to read what your reptiles are thinking and how to change the mindset of these amazing animals. Here we go through signs that various reptiles show when feeling stressed, scared, calm or in food mode. We will go over proper and safe handling, including hook work on larger snakes and also working with our tegu. We will go over how to safely remove snakes from enclosures without being bitten and also teach you how to allow others to handle your animals safely.  We will start with basic species and work towards more challenging animals throughout the lesson. This class is strictly for 16 Years old and over.  Each class will have a maximum of 4 people per slot and can be booked individually per person. This is to allow each participant to have focused time being trained in each step we take.   

To master these lessons, we believe that regular practice, monitored by an instructor will have a huge impact on your skillset. Generally, we find 4-6 lessons are where we see competence greatly increase.  

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